I went to Ueda junior high school on JUly 7.
I observed 1st year student.
The content was to acquire using"what 's this?"

worm up
Students read out and memorized the "dragon input"paper .
It was the word paper.
Next,they asked each other.And answer the question.
They could stop the reading when they finished.

Teacher showed some mysterious pictures.
Students said "what is this ?"in Japanese.
Teacher let the students to say by English.

Students made some groups.
They were divided 4 spaces,and wached 4 pictures individually.
They went back their groups and explained the pictures to their group members .
At that time, they used "what's this?".

It was no time to review the class.
But I think they can acquired the phrase.
Because they can use "what's this?"in their groups.

Mr.M told us the way of group works.
Teacher used that way in the development stage.
I realized it is the best way of the group works by students's attitude.


1) What was the goal of the class?
The goal is to acquire the students to understand meaning of words and grammers
and use them fluently.
2) What activities did the students do to accomplish the goal?
In the First class, they wrote some sentences and exchange the paper.
Then, they pointed out each other.
3) What was the role of the teacher in this class?
Teacher was a chairman. And sometimes he criticised, praised, and proposaled to the students.
4) From watching the teacher and students, did you receive any hints or clues as to how to have a successful English class?
Teachers never


an analysis of my language learning experience

My most enjoyable language learning experience has been conversation.
My least enjoyable language learning activity has been memorization.

Because it is routine work.
But also my most valuable language learning activity has been memorization. Because I think it is most important for the acquisition of English.
My least valuable language learning activity has been writing poety.

Because I never done it.
In general my language learning experience has been whatching TV.


Story of How I learned English

I've studied English since I enterd junior high school.
I longed for my English teacher.
Thanks to her instruction , I came to like English.
I wanted to be a English teacher like her.

There are 2 way to learning English .

First, I memorize some English words on the nights before I go to bed.
In the morning, I review the words.
It is very simple way, but I can memorize by this way.

Second, I pronounce the word according to the phonetic notation.
It is important.
Because if I could pronounce words collectly, Ididn't misspel words.

Of corse I memorize words by writing.
But I use those ways frequently.

And I also studying by English school.
I've attended the English school since I was first grade in university.
I've studied English conversation in there.


introduction myself

I'm Yoshie hb.
I studying elementary school education at iwate university .
I'm 20years old.
My hometown is Shiwa, near Morioka.

I like to play with animals.
I prefer dog to cat.
I spend all my free time going pet shop.
When I went to a pet shop in Hachioji, Tokyo .
They were saled higher prices than in Iwate's pet shop.
I surprised the difference of prices between Iwate and Tokyo!